Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 28, 1951 Sonthofen Military Sub-Post

"Hi punkin,
  Just read your letter dated the 20th. again and it seems as if we both feel the same way.  Especially about letter writing.  I go nuts every time I get a letter from you, yet I hate to write.  The reason; I can never seem to say the things that I would like to.  I'm afraid that if I told you just how in love with you I am that it would sound too mushy.  Then again, I think of how I feel when you write that you love me.  Nothing matters with me as long as you do love me.  When I get my discharge from this army, if you will let me, I'll be with you every minute possible.  Actually, I am now, in spirit.  This probably sounds silly coming from me, but it expresses vaguely just how much I love you.
   You say you aren't enjoying going with other boys, that you're miserable.  It's selfish and inconsiderate of me but I'm glad.  You know how the song goes, "I'm sorry, but I'm glad you're lonely, cause if you weren't you really wouldn't care."  That expresses how I feel.  Is this being too jealous? I know that I told you to go with other guys but, actually, I'd rather you didn't.  Jealous joker, aren't I! You don't know the half of it darling.
  And those pictures you sent, I'm crazy about the one of you standing by yourself.  It's a wonderful picture of you.  Lucky me, to have such a sweet young lady. Remind me to thank Margaret for introducing us and how about telling your mother many thanks for letting you go with me."

"I'll never forget the day we met.  When we were introduced you looked at me as if to say, "What is it?" or " maybe if I feed it, it will go away."....I'm sure glad that you didn't refuse me a date."
     Nothing could be further from the truth! He showed up at the Ben Franklin's store where this 16 year old girl worked...clad in his uniform, sun glasses on, camera slung over his shoulder...a real knock-out of a man! I ask you, Who could say no to this man?

"And there was the date that I had the bad luck.  First we had a flat, next we went to the movie and it was slightly boring and then it rained on us.  That could have been a very dull evening if you hadn't been so delightful.  I have fun just being near you though."


   "I should probably tell you about this country and some of the latest events that have taken place but this letter is devoted entirely to telling you how I feel toward you.
   It's about time for mail call so until I see you again, stay as sweet as you are, and if I've taken too much for granted or said anything I shouldn't have, disregard same.
  You are the one girl for me.  I love you,
P.S. I'm going to slip in on you one of these years."

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