Sunday, July 4, 2010

June 30, 1951 Sonthofen, Germany

   'Our last night at Sonthofen and Hump, Nut and I are enjoying ourselves here at the club. The U.S. Government really furnishes good entertainment in the way of orchestra's.  We are listening to the German equivalent of  "The Three Suns." Suppose you know that I wish you were here.
   "Although our stay here has been very pleasant I'll be glad to get on the road again.  There's only one place that I would like to stay forever, and that is with you.  The place we are to be stationed is Nurnburg.  You've probably read about the trials that were held there for the Nazi war criminals.  It is supposedly a fairly large, modern city.  Hump and I will remain together but Charlie will be going to Munich.  Also we are losing Eddie Green, another Memphis Rebel.  He was at the party out at the Cottage Inn with us. I'm really going to miss these guys.
   Received your letter dated the 22nd. and you say that people think you're too young.  That my be true but you'll never convince me, cause honey, I've held you in my arms and kissed you.  You may be 16 with some fellows but you act older when you're with me.  The term years is only a way of marking time and the heart has no clock to govern its emotions.  You are as old as you feel.  The authenticity of our love I'll never doubt.
   This combo "The Three Woodpeckers" is as good as anything I've heard back in the states. They are typical Germans too...tall, blond,wavy hair and blue eyes.  They're playing a request of mine now.  Guess what?  That's right.  " Too Young"
   That's about it for tonight, kitten so "ich liba dich."
Much love, Bob
P.S. Keep sending letters  here until I write my new address.

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  1. Another beautiful letter. I want to put them im a book. Blessings


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