Sunday, July 11, 2010

good day - bad day

Yesterday Barb and I drove half way to Dallas to meet up with Eddie, who was bringing Bobby to spend a few weeks with us. Our plan was to meet in Little Rock but he got to that point about 30-45 minuets before we did so he kept on driving and we met in Brinkly about 1:30...had a late lunch, exchanged cargo and each turned around and headed back to their original destination. We left home at 8:15 am and got back to Huntsville around 8:30 pm...long day.

We made a stop in  Holly Springs, Ms. and visited about an hour with friends from school days, Bob and Shirley Young.  'Hadn't seen them in many was nice to catch up and do a little reminising about old times....

"Those were the days, my friend
 We'd thought they'd never end
 We'd sing and dance
 Forever and the day
Those were the days, my friend
    those were the days"

 Bob and Shirley...back in the "day"

and now....They are dear people.

The am drive from Al. afforded Barb and I some quiet, "alone time" together...we discussed our shared grief...many tears...struggling with our inability to have even one day free of the pain of losing...her beloved beloved soul mate.

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