Friday, July 9, 2010

the sweetest letter yet

July 18, 1951
Nurnberg Military Post Stockade
Nurnberg, Germany

I've skipped a few letters..this one is #12

"Howdy Darling,
   If you noticed the address on the envelope you're probably wondering why I'm in prison.  It's like this; this is where I have been assigned for the remainder of my Army career.  I wouldn't place the return address on the envelope if it weren't required by postal regulations as it could probably be the object of a few questions. Actually, I only work here in the office as a clerk and although everyone is friendly and most helpful this type work isn't for me.
   Tell me honey, have you ever heard of the "Palace of Justice",  scene of the infamous war atrocity crime trials? This is where I'm located.  I feel lucky to live in the same buildings where such an historic series of events took place.  Herman Goering hung himself in one of the cells.  Gruesome thought, isn't it!"

 This is a picture of the inside of the prison that he later sent me ...

      "Do me a favor Charlene, will you?  Tell this John Williamson character to be nice to you or I'll  (how big is he?) punch him in the kisser when I get home.  You might also tell him that if he hasn't won you by Sept. of '52 that I am going to give him some competition.  Think there's a chance?"
He had only been gone 6 weeks and I was already dating !!! But at least, in my behalf, I told him about it...and there NEVER was any competition...I never cared much for anyone I dated while he was gone...

   "And Charlene, I do love you, no matter what anyone should ever tell you.  My stomach turns to jelly every time I think of you.  You've heard the song that has lyrics to this're in my dreams, asleep or awakening...that's exactly how it is with me.  And when I do come home ( you won't know when because I'm going to slip in),    (and he did!)    I intend to hold you and kiss you until you can hardly catch your breath, then when you do catch your breath I'll do the same thing again. (And he did!)
   You were asking whether I knew definitely when I'm due to come back to the states.  My draft papers stated 21 months starting the 26th. of Jan. 1951.  That would allow my discharge to come due in Sept. of '52.  Some say that we've been extended 3 months...(they were)...but our service records still state 21 months actually your guess is as good as mine.  One thing for sure, I'm coming home first chance possible.
   Tell Molly something for me please.  Tell her that she's getting slightly scatterbrained.  What's this about her falling for Henry Williamson? What about Hump? Or does she remember the guy! Tell her I said that she falls in and out of love as often as I change socks, which is every day.
 Well enough of that - back to us.
   I have in mind, at present, a small night club, the Belmont in Memphis to be exact , and a little wishing well...(I remember that night!)...Also in this picture there is a young lady and man.  The young man, looking into same young lady's eyes thinks, or rather wishes something to this effect. "Why couldn't I have met her a year ago and I wonder if she could ever love me as I do her.  All my life I've dreamed about her, wondering if there was such a thing as true and binding love and now that I've found the one girl in the universe for me, I'll have to leave her in a few days.  Wonder what she's thinking about?" Well it seems as though she was thinking the same thing at the same time.  That is my definition of mental telepathy.  When two people are thinking so intensely on the same subject or along the same lines that their thoughts are identical then it's in it's most advanced form.  You know what I'm referring to, don't you Charlene? I think you felt, or sensed how much I love you that night.   (Well I'm not sure about that...but I am sure that I sensed  how much I loved him!)
   Kitten, I've repeated the phrase "I love you" more to you than anyone I've ever known.  Tonight I want to tell you, more than ever, how I feel because, darling,  for the last week especially, I've needed you with me and right now I need you more than ever . .If only tonight I could put my arms around your waist, have your arms around my neck and pull you close to me for a kiss, then things would look differently.  My action's would express my emotions.

   ('s getting warm in here)  

One thing, Charlene, don't misconstrue the fact that I'm in prison.  I am not here as a prisoner..this is my new assignment.

I love you,
P.S. I'm dead on my feet or I would write more. I have much more to talk about tomorrow night.  Especially the pictures.  Till then Auf  Wiedersehen, or better still, good night and pleasant dreams."

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