Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter #14

"Nurnberg  Military Post Stocade
July 18, 1951

   Please excuse the pencil as I don't have a fountain pen handy at present.
   Those pictures that you sent arrived yesterday and Charlene, they are exactly like you.  What I mean to say is they reveal just how pretty you really are.  They don't show those big, green, ever changing eyes though. I have just shown your pictures to a German clerk that I work with. Do you know what his comment was?" Hmmm, she's really pretty!" There is one that I especially like.  You are standing with your face tilted up, as if to say, "how's this?'.  Thanks a million kitten.

I went for a stroll around the prison wall today.  It is about a half mile around, and from the top you can see the Palace of Justice in its entirety.  Then directly behind the stockade is a small wooden building that houses the scaffolds upon which the German war criminals were hung.
It is so unimpressive in comparison to the "P of J" that it is difficult to imagine its historic significance.  In all probability Nurnberg is the most historic city in Germany.  It is full of tradition.  A person can gain a lot of valuable knowledge by observing the people, their customs, habits and by taking an active interest in their social activities.
   Say, if by some chance you don't have a date tomorrow would you like to go to Maywood and spend the day? We could swim, lie around in the sand and talk all day...then when it starts getting cool we could go into the pavilion and dance for a few hours.  That is, if  you aren't busy.
   There isn't much more that I can tell you tonight and you're probably tired from working so I'll sign off for awhile.
   I need you Charlene, more than anyone or anything.

   Need I say that "I love you" ?

I'm anxious for that large photo of you to get here."

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