Thursday, July 29, 2010

Safe People

quote from a book I wrote about yesterday...

".....Many of your friends will never understand how much healing you receive when they remember some story or experience they had with your loved one. The ones who do remember and who do tell the stories will be the Safe People who help you heal"

Part of a message I received from a "safe person" and Bob's good friend....National Sales Mgr. and later one of the vice presidents of the company...Borden Inc., Chemical Division...Consumer Products.... 

".......We had many good times together that I will always remember. I recall how happy and surprised he was at his retirement party in Chicago. I think he realized then how many people liked and respected him.

I think you know that Bob always had a special place in my heart. Every time I thought of Bob I smiled. .......... So I'll celebrate his life with a toast and be thankful I knew him and was able to call him my friend"

Thanks Bill

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