Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time for another letter

Nurnberg Germany
August 20, 1951

"Dearest Charlene,
   We have just finished eating chow after our first day of training. Most of the time was spent in classrooms listening to orientations on the behavior and conduct of the American soldier while serving in the European Theatre of Operations..and was it dry.  There was one bright spot in the day and that was mail call.  I received two letters from you postmarked the 12th and 13th.  Know something honey? You are very gifted at the art of letter writing.  Your letters always brighten the day for me no matter how dark everything seems to be.  You always say the things I want to hear. In fact, its almost like talking with you in person.
   We were reclassified today and I'm almost sure that I made the M.P.'s  (he did) If so, we'll take our training, which consists of five weeks, at Oberammergan, home of the famous "Passion Plays".  The plays depict the life of Christ.   I hope to see one of these plays before I come back to the states.
   Our enlistment time has been advanced 3 months,
but there is a bright spot on the horizon.  That is the fact that our unused furlough time accumulates at the rate of 2 1/2 days per month and at the end of our enlistment we can take off that much earlier.  In my case it will amount to 60 days.  That means I'll be home about Christmas of '52.  Even that's a long time to be away from you.
  In your letter dated the 13th. you say that if we were together all the time I'd probably grow tired of you.  Someone else maybe, but never you. And those expressions of yours that you think are silly, such as "I'd die, or I couldn't stand it"  (remember, I was only 16)  I think are as cute as a bugs ear. Those are just a few of the things that make you "Miss Charlene Stallings".  By the way, that's a beautiful name.
  Where is that large picture you were having made for me? I'm anxious to get it honey.
   This may sound like tommy rot but sometimes when I lie down at night I can feel your nearness.  Actually it seems that you are there beside me, pressing up close.  I can feel the warmth and tenderness of your body and the sweet pressure of your lips.  Don't think I'm being vulgar, it's just that when a person thinks about someone as much as I do of you, it seems to bring them closer.  Do you suppose it could be mental telepathy?

 (I've been thinking of him in that way since he died...deeply, begging and pleading to feel his closeness...hoping our souls could still reach each other...I do feel somewhat closer to him at those times....but still alone) 
back to his letter...

   It's about time to cease for tonight.  It's 8 o'clock here and 2 back there in Covington.  I wonder what you're thinking about and what you're doing.

I love you Charlene,

P.O.  take good care of yourself and don't take any wooden nickels."     (he's so cute!  )

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