Friday, July 2, 2010

Found letter

The letter Bob wrote after arriving in Germany was just mis-filed...out of order, not lost. What I wrote earlier about the voyage across the "pond", as he calls it, was taken from his autobiography and much in this letter is the same as related there...I'll share here what wasn't in his bio....the mushy stuff, as he calls it :)..

June 26, 1951 Sonthofen, Germany
"My dearest Charlene,
There is so much to tell you that I am at a loss as to where to begin. First of all, I love you, next  after traveling 6000 miles I'm in the German Alps just across the border from Switzerland. It took us 11 days to cross the Atlantic from New York to Bremerhaven, Germany. After our voyage to Bremerhaven it took a day and night by train to get to where we are now. ..a former German army camp named Sonthofen....our barracks are four story stone billets...
I'll never be able to tell all that I've seen in the last 2 weeks in one letter, but as it comes to me I'll write you.
Crossing the ocean was very dull and uneventful. There wasn't a storm or anything exciting, in fact we saw only one whale on the same scale as the killer shark. There were several days that we didn't see a ship. There were 1600 soldiers and several hundred civilians aboard....
In your last letter you said you were having a picture made for me. Please hurry and send it honey. I'm anxious for a larger portrait of you. Could you send me one life size? Just joking of course, but it would be nice. Better still, wish you were here enjoying this beautiful country along with me.
It's about time for lights out so I'll quit for tonight. I can hardly wait for mail call tomorrow. Hope there are lots of letters for me from you.
Sweet dreams, darling,
I miss you so,

June 27th. 6:55 am
Good morning darling,
Just got back from breakfast chow and it was delicious. This camp is just like a big university. All the building are stone with ivy crawling up the sides. It is so unlike any American army camp that it's surprising. The officers even have an orchestra in their dining room. I tell you honey, this place has class.
While coming across the pond I wrote a letter to you every day but decided against sending it as it really didn't express my thoughts at all.  I tried to describe the ocean than remembered that you once lived in Houston and probably know more about the beauty of it than I, so I didn't send the letter after all.
We are about to have our inspection so I'll close again for awhile. Will write tomorrow if at all possible.
I think about you constantly. I wouldn't like the idea of losing you at all. So please stay as sweet as you were when I last saw you.
Yours, (if you'll have me)
P.S. I'm enclosing a map to show you our trip across Germany and our present location...we'll be moving again Sat. or Sun."

the map is not with his letter so it must be lost...

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