Thursday, July 8, 2010

Letter No. 9...59 years ago today

Bob wrote 8 letters the first month he was gone...June 1951.  I have a total of 45 letters, written over a period of 11 months...he was gone 19 months so no communication between us for the 8 months preceding his return home in Jan. 1953 ...but I'm getting ahead of our story...

Nurnberg, Germany
July 8th, 1951

"Howdy Kitten,
  Another weekend is rapidly coming to a close and I've had a very good time, considering the lack of your companionship.  Saturday morning, Hump and a few other friends  and I played a little tennis.  Actually I only played AT the game, as I'm just learning.  Then Saturday night we went bowling and also to an establishment known as the "Twilight Club".  They had a German orchestra that I thought was good.  This European talent is the best...At least it's the best I've seen.  The army has given  a lot of guys like myself an opportunity to see and hear things that otherwise would have been impossible.
   Talk about characters ! There are 8 fellows in the room, including myself, and believe me they are really varied in their personalities and nationality.  There are a couple Italians, one Greek, an Englishman and several mixed breads like Hump and  I.  You should see the Greek when he gets drunk.  He is really a comedian.  His Dad is a big time gambler and he knows all the racateer's in Indiana.  Some of the wild tales he tells are as comical as a cage full of monkeys.
   We are going into our 2nd. week of training which is boresome as can be.  Most of our time is spent listening to lieutenants, majors, colonel's and occasionally a general lecturing on the subject of Eucom...(European Command)
   There is a lot to be seen here in Germany that is interesting.  Hitler erected a building here in Nurnberg from which he intended to rule the world
   If I repeat myself in these letters excuse it please.  It is hard to remember what was said in previous letters.
   These German's really dislike the American people.  One bright spot on this subject is that they also hate the Russian's.  Question is, which do they hate more.  They still think Hitler was the greatest human being that ever lived.  Actually he did a lot of good for his country although his virtues were greatly overshadowed by his faults.
   We have a healthy discussion underway about football teams in Tennessee and Indiana.  You and I both know that Tennessee has the best team in the nation...right?
   It's time for lights out so good night and peasant dreams.
I love you, Charlene
P.S. I mean it!
PPS. Honest, I do.
PPPS. You believe me, don't you?

hope I get a letter tomorrow."

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  1. Laura really liked the part about Tennessee having the best football team. Funny. blessings


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