Friday, September 3, 2010

Trinity In The Fields

Trinity In The Fields, or "Old Trinity" as it is also called, is an Episcopal Church located in Tipton County on the Charleston/Mason Rd. off hwy.70, four miles east of Mason, Tn.    Built in 1847 by slaves to replace St. Andrew's, which had burned in 1845, the church with it's 20 x 40 foot sanctuary was named "Trinity Episcopal."   In 1977 it was placed on the National Register of Historical Places. Some of Bob's ancestors are buried there....his great grandparents, Edwin Robert Peete and wife, Jane Eleanor Taylor and their children, one of whom was his great uncle, Judge John Y. Peete and wife, Roberta Somervill.   When Judge Peete died in 1928 he left a farm which was to be sold, with the money to be invested in the Episcopal Endowment Corp.  This fund was to be used for the upkeep of Old Trinity...with one stipulation - one service a year was to be held at Old Trinity, with a bishop of the church present and with dinner on the grounds.  In 1994, Bob, Barbara, her son Ben,  and I visited on that Sunday. I believe it was in May. This past Monday when LL and I stopped by there we observed the condition of the floors inside the church.....very unsafe..she would not come past the front I'm not sure that they still meet there.

The large angel monument marks the graves of Judge Peete and Roberta Somervill.  The six  infant grave markers to the right of it are his brothers and sisters, three dying at birth and 3 dying very young.  Another brother was Eugene Hart, Bob's grandfather, who lived  49 years...from 1858 to 1907 and is buried in Covington.. He was killed accidently while attempting to intervene in an altercation betweet his friend,  James Rutherford  and James' wife.  Eugene had served as county clerk of Tipton County.

In September of 1994 vandalism occured and many of the markers were knocked down by auto and broken.. The broken pieces have since been placed on concrete slabs and bonded together, as you can observe in the pictures. Also measures have been taken to cause it to be very difficult to  drive onto the property.

some of the pictures in this slide show were taken this past Monday, others are from previous years visits.
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  1. That was so interesting and such special memories for you. I am afraid that all of us are going to be scattered after death, but we will all be in heaven together. I have a family plot in Marlin and would like to use the last two spots for Paul & I, but he doesn't want to be buried there. My grandfather, several aunts & uncles and my parents are there. I so would like to be there, but I don't know if it will happen. Thanks for your smile boxes. I enjoy them so much. Jo Ann(your anonymous friend)

  2. I was wondering why you didn't put any of those pics on the first slide show!! That was great! I love the picture of you standing in front of the church! Thanks for letting me go to make those memories with you! I LOVE YOU!


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