Friday, September 17, 2010

letter # 40

Dec. 12, 1951

Hi Kitten,
   I've just gotten out of bed after 15 wonderful hours of sleep.  It was the first night in over a month that I've slept more than 6 hours.  Since I've changed positions my working day averages 15 hours.  After bathing, shaving and what have you, that leaves little or no time in which to sleep.  You can see why my letters are so irregular.
   A friend of mine, my former room-mate has left for the states.  Don't be surprised if you see a handsome young Italian standing on your front porch some morning.  He's another Rudolph Valentino, so beware.  He's also bearing a gift from me to you.  If he doesn't deliver it in person he'll mail it so that it will arrive by Christmas.  I only hope you'll accept it, as it's slightly suggestive.  The gift expresses only slightly what I feel for you.
   (the handsome Italian never showed up or mailed the ring...some friend he was!)
    I think I'll take in a movie tonight.  Care to go along? Might be fun.  After the show we'll go to some secluded cafe here in the walled city and talk over old times.  It won't be elaborate but I promise it shan't be boring either.  Speaking of boresome evenings, remember the night my tire went flat in front of your house. To top this off it rained all night, the movie was boring, etc.  It could have been very dull if you hadn't been so generous.  Remember when I kissed you and I said "Charlene, you can beat that", and your snappy repartee was, and I quote, "I didn't kiss you Bob, you kissed me."  Then you gave me a few lessons on the how, when, where and why of the kiss.  T'was wonderful.  I'd like to put in my application for an extended and advanced course to last indefinitely, under your tutorship.  Do you think it could be arranged? I'll try to master the fundamentals and technique and become your best pupil.
(is that not the cutest guy in the world?)

   I must quit for a few minutes because I definitely must shave before chow.  See you again in a few...
(upon reading this Barbara remarked "he probably had to go take a cold shower!)  :)

   Hello again. That few minutes lasted exactly 21 hours, a movie and a trip to the American Club.  The picture was nothing short of great. I'm probably prejudiced though, the leading males name was "Pete".You've seen the movie, I'm sure.  It was "Force Of Arms" starring William Holden and Nancy Olsen.  She's a blond, kinda cute, like you. Somehow though, she just doesn't come up to par with Miss Stallings.
   Speaking of feminine pulchritude, you should see Hump's new girl friend.  A combination Lana Turner and Bettye Grable. She's tall and, unlike most German women, has pleanty of money.  Not that Hump would allow money to influence him, yuk, yuk.
  It''s almost 12, I'd better get to bed if I intend to work tomorrow. So goodnight, darling, sweet dreams and sleep tite.
    click ---goodnight
I love you, Charlene

PS. Believe it or not, I'm going to write more often.  This is the first letter I've written in weeks.
      I'd give anything if we could spend Christmas together.

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