Monday, September 13, 2010

Five Months

It was three am that Tuesday morning, April 13th. As was my custom I had rolled the hospital bed over beside the couch where I laid in  the evenings...sometimes drifting off to sleep for a while. I just wanted to be  where I could touch him, hear him breathe...He had not opened his eyes or spoken for over a week ?? . His breathing pattern had changed that night...short, deep gasp-like...growing further and further apart. As I wept, begging God to take him, please don't leave him like this any longer... he took his last breath. Nicki heard me and came into the room..."he's gone,honey"  I said...she called Barbara.... Barbara called our hospice nurse ..they took him away.
Will there ever be a time when I no longer dwell on this?


  1. I miss him EVERY day...every hour... So glad I have you here. It is a blessing.

  2. You will always miss him, but you have so much to live for in your precious family...they will help you through the days ahead. It is still too soon! love you my dear friend. Jo Ann


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