Monday, September 13, 2010

later today

It's been a very nice morning, compared to the way it started... back around 2 or 3 am...
I went back to sleep around 4 am and slept 'til 7:30. I walked across the yard to Barb's and David's and had some coffee and toast with them. I then worked in the yard  until noon...watering, pulling weeds, planting some mums that I had purchased a couple of days ago...I sat in my swing and had iced coffee...I stayed busy, and out of the's lovely today..don't know what the temp is but I have my doors and windows open and I put my birds out on the back porch table and shaded the top of their cage.
After I  get cleaned up I want to go to Hobby Lobby (for some knitting yarn...Barb and I have started making neck scarves for Christmas)..Pet Smart, for another fish, maybe Lowe's or WalMart for some pine bark to put around my flower beds...not sure if I'll manage to accomplish all of that.

I did not go to aquacise class today...only once in the last two's at 8:30 am, downtown Huntsville...and most mornings I just don't want to get up and out in the traffic that early.  It's not that I'm not up...I just want to stay home...lack of motivation I guess ...or perhaps something else...what's that scripture where Paul writes about that.?..1 Corinthians 9:8-10 "For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do."..  I know the things that I should do but I don't do them, and I know the things that I shouldn't do, and do them anyway!!!! That's me alright..and I'm not proud of it..

What color would you like?...anyone?...we are using very large needles..size 32! it's a loose weave and we can make one in about 3-4 hours... how would I ever survive without my camera and computer?


  1. I really enjoyed the evening together. You are a blessing to me. Rest some tomorrow so you feel like going to the FAIR with all the boys!! Blessings

  2. Hi Meme!
    I love reading your blog :) I check to see if you have something new every couple of days. And I would love a scarf if you want to make me one! Yellow is my favorite color :)

    miss and love you.
    -Laura Beth

  3. Hi Charlene,
    I love the scarfs. Can you share how to make them? Is it crochet or knitting? I need something to get me out of the dry mode. I can't seem to get into my quilting. I have several that need to be cut out and one that needs to be put together, but just can't get in the mood. You've got your Christmas presents all ready to go! I went to craft today for the 1st time this year. We just started up. Ann's mom is 92 and not doing well. Keeps her really tied down. Be looking to hear from you. Jo Ann


Thanks for your comments..I enjoy receiving them..