Tuesday, August 3, 2010

from The Rocket City

US Space and Rocket Center...Huntsville, Al.
Bobby and Brian enjoyed shotting off their rockets tonight...trouble is, Bobby only got off three launches before his came down who knows where...and Brian only one launch.....Brian launched his before I could get pictures....they are now left with their launch pads, some extra fuel cells, the igniters but...no rockets...expensive toy for 15 min. of fun . 


  1. Oh how I remember the days of launching rockets. How wonderful to view these images and know time, though it has changed greatly, hasn't changed in this respect. Did he put ants in the nose of that rocket?

  2. PS - when I saw that photo of you as a little girl above your profile pic I sighed. You are still that same sweet face. I bet that is the way God sees us all, that precious, that angelic. Grace is all in that little girl. And still is.


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