Monday, August 16, 2010

Letter # 26

I need very much to hear Bob speak to me I got out his letters and pretended I was 16 again...I was unable to fool my heart tho, as the tears continue to flow and the heart continues to ache...

"Aug. 29,1951
Nurenburg, Germany

Hi Kitten,
   Just got back from a movie and was it exciting! It was a western, one of those rip-roaring, wild, woolly and full of fleas type.  And you should have seen all the beautiful women, all dead and scalped.  I suppose that you know by now how well I like that kind of show...
   How are things and people around and about Covington?  Got a letter dated the 23rd. and you seem to be enjoying life.  I'm really glad that you're having fun.  I only wish that we were having it together.
   My apologies for not writing more often. The reason I haven't  is simple.  I thought that your feelings for me had changed in the time we've been separated.  Not that I care less for you because I still care for you as much  if not more than when I left."

   It hurts me even now, 59 years later, that he ever thought that I no longer loved him...I don't know what was said or done to cause him to think that.

   "And as far not wanting your letters that is absolutely not true.  They mean everything to me.
   So Dad took you and Molly to dinner. I'm glad to know that.  He should do it more often.  I haven't  any idea why he thinks I can come home for Christmas though.  Furlough time accrues at the rate of 2 1/2 days per month and that would give me only 19 days for traveling and time at home.

   You know something Charlene, we need to have a discussion, you and I, about us."

That is SO like him...he was always up front about whatever was on his mind or bothering him....he was always good at "communicating"...on the other hand, my feelings usually have to be pryed out of least when it comes to something unpleasant or anything that results in a confrontation...we were quite different in a lot of ways....back to his letter...

   "It's hard to discuss anything by correspondance because of the time it takes to receive an answer but here goes.  You know that I'm deeply in love with you and at present there is nothing I can do to prove it but write.  You also know that it will be 18 months before we see each other again.  As you've said before, we  both will change in some respects.  Maybe not in our physical self but more or less in our aspect on life.  In your case, you're still in school and there is a chance that you'll meet some young swain that will have more on the ball than me  (no way...never in a million years...I never thought that)  and its possible that you'll fall for him. (I hope that never happens) To sum it all up,in short, here it is.  I love you and want you to wait for me, but if you should fall for someone else, be honest with me.  If I should ever care for someone more that you, believe me, I would tell you. 

   As far Spike Jones ruining our song...he can't do that to us.  It isn't nice for him to slaughter such beautiful music. ..especially "Too Young".
   Time for lights out so this will have to be goodnight.

Sweet Dreams Kitten,
Much love,

P.S. I'll write more often, I promise.
PPS 'Still love me? huh?
PPPS Thanks again for the pictures.  They're really good. Got anymore?.


  1. It's like hearing from Daddy again. So sweet. Miss him so much. Blessings

  2. So sweet. I love reading your in-between comments. I hope the letters bring you comfort.
    Love and hugs.


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