Sunday, August 29, 2010

goin on an over- nighter

Laura Leigh and I will be heading out  this Covington, Tn....just north of Memphis. That is where I lived from age 10 to 19. The high school I attended is holding a "50's decade" reunion next month and some of those involved with the planning, along with other "old-timers" who still live around there have been meeting for lunch one day a month for a we will be taking the five hour drive to join them  on Monday..long drive for a lunch :)...My sister still lives in Memphis and my brother-in-law near it's not as though we were just going for lunch. Barb had planned to go with me but forgot and enrolled in  a class that's out of town...She's been a hair stylist for 30 years and is one of, if not THE best in this area...but still takes classes a couple of times a year...that's probably why she's so good  and has such a successful business...she stays current on everything related to the beauty industry....anyway, she would not agree to my going by myself so my sweet grand-daughter is taking me...what a trouper!..willing to have lunch with all us old-timers.
 I'm looking forward to (I think) driving around Covington and seeing the places Bob and I spent time together...we stayed in Covington for the first year after we married before moving to Memphis.

the county courthouse on the square..present day

1987 we were back for a visit...I worked at Roper Drugs for several years while in school. The house Bob and I had an apartment is down this street, on the left..and down at the very end of the street you can see a small building...that is a clinic where my mother worked and where our  first child  was born.

520 W. Liberty...the home my mother grew up in and where, until Bob and I married, I lived with her, my grandmother and my four siblings

my mother, grandmother and possibly my great grandmother on the front steps of that house

Bob and I rented an apartment in the upper left hand side of this house on Main St. ..the first year we were married. ...we paid $50 per month for a three roon, furnished apartment in this lovely old home....This picture was made much  auto in drive is not a 50's vehicle and there was no cirular drive in the front at that time..


  1. Oh I know you enjoyed going back there. It looks in better condition than my town where I grew up and even where I graduated from High School. I worked at a drug store,too while in HS. How was lunch? You didn't mention it. Love youl Jo Ann

  2. Love the photos and I can't wait for the reunion! We are going to have a GREAT time! Blessings


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