Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letter #31

September 8, 1951
Nurnberg, Germany
"Hello Darling,
   Have you at times been unable to compose a letter to someone you loved?  It happened to me last night and the person to whom I'm referring is you of course.  I pondered for two nights and finally gave up. Then as I lay in bed at the point of sleep the thoughts that had eluded me came as if the answer to a puzzle. All the thoughts and aspirations fitted together,  a vision of you and the last day we were together. I felt as though it had all been a dream. Reality could not be that wonderful. My life was brimming with happiness, dreams had been fulfilled. I had been awarded my loftiest ambition, the love of my life on earth.  Then, certain that I'm the luckiest male on earth I drifted off into untroubled slumber.  Now I'm sitting in a room devoid of color, trying to place together the fragments of those thoughts..
   As of last week I'm the head cat in the confinement of prisoners. I haven't decided whether it's a promotion or a demotion.  I did get a private office out of the deal though.  At present it is being redecorated and I'm using a temporary office.  I say office, in truth it's only a cubby hole when compared to the other rooms but it'll have to do for the time being.  Actually I'm tickled pink to have an office of my own even though it's ridiculously small.

   No, I haven't received the package you sent yet. I meet the postman twice a day. I would meet him more often but he only makes two trips to the APO daily.
   I'm listening to a sports program over AFN.  I've noticed that Tennessee is the top team in the nation. It would be great if you and I could see some of the games together this year. When I was a civilian I lived behind Crump Stadium.  I saw some terrific games, both college and prep school.  They had the East-West Prep School championship game there this year.
   Hump, Sgt Rivera and I went out the other night to paint the town red.It would have been very unusual if we hadn't wound up in a Gasthaus.  That is a combination restaurant and beer hall.  Some joker came in taking pictures and we had one made.  I'm enclosing it within the letter so don't be surprised at what you see.  Personally I think I look like a criminal. But then I'm definitely the criminal wise cracks.

   Charlene, this is a short letter I know.  There is so little to talk about except us.  You and I.  Sometimes I think I use the subject too much, then again, the thought of you and our love makes me realize that, though I talk long and earnestly about it, I could never cover the subject as it should be.  I think of all the things we could do together for fun, Cotton Carnival, swim, dance, picnic, movies, long trips on Sunday such as Reeffoot Lake or Hot Springs, Ar.  Yes I'm seeing some of the world but I'd rather see and be with my "SCHATZI"
  (I had to look that's German for honey, sweetie, darling, precious, treasure...)

   I'm leaving for tonight but I'll be back.. In the meantime be good and have fun.

Love and kisses,


  1. What special love. Is there anything better? I am so blessed to have been a part of it. blessings

  2. After realizing there is a place to see the comments one has received in their blog, I found yours. It lifted my spirits to no end in a day where I felt like a failure. Then I followed your link into your blog and sat in awe while I read your entries.

    If I may say so, I love it. I adore seeing that love can really exist, and that it can last a lifetime: that there is such a thing as happily ever after.

    My compliments. Your job has made me feel as if I knew you, and I will continue to stop around. :)


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