Friday, August 6, 2010

letter # 25

August 21,1951

"Hi  Stranger,
   "Long time no see."  Seems a bit strange sitting here writing letters again.  It has been quite a while you know.
   Tonight I'm being initiated into the mysteries of a C.Q's duties here at the stockade.  If it means anything, C.Q. is the abbreviation for "Charge of Quarters." It's only a practice run tonight but Sat. , starting at 12 noon , I'll be on duty 20 hours until 8 o"clock Sunday morning.  It gets quite lonely about 1 am in the prison compound, believe me 20 hours duty without sleep doesn't appeal to me.
   I've received 4 letters from you since  Thursday and I'm sorry that I haven't answered them sooner but I've been busy as a one eyedman in a three ring circus for the past 2 weeks.
  We had an accident yesterday.  One of the prisoners was killed by a tank retriever. Now don't ask me what that is because frankly, I don't know.  The man's back was broke and he died almost instantly. Hideous way to die isn't it.  Personally, I'd much prefer to die of old age.  It wouldn't break my heart at all if I should live to be a hundred.
   Was I embarrassed after hearing of the mix up in letters between you and Dad.  My face is still a deep scarlet.  I don't care for you reading my letters to him, but the idea of him reading my mail to you really mortifies me.  Not that I care for anyone knowing how I feel toward you, it's just the idea of...well, you know what I mean.
   As a rule I go to school 2 nights a week, have C.Q. once or twice, so you can see how busy I am.  You'd think with all the work there is to do there would be a little news.  It's obvious by this letter though  that there isn't.
   About those pictures you sent.  "Thanks a million."  They only prove what I've thought all can one girl have so much.  Seems slightly unfair the way beauty is distributed around Covington.  I have all your pictures on the wall's of my locker. My favorite is one of the first you sent.  You're standing with your weight on one leg and your head is tilted back slightly.  You have on a plaid dress, I think. This picture really appeals to me.
   Well Kitten, it's about time for head count again, so I'll just quit for tonight.  Goodnight, pleasant dreams, I hope you sleep well.
As ever,

Compared to his other letters this one seems a bit "cool" ???? Wonder if I sensed this at the time?  I wonder if he had met "Ellen"? His writing did become less frequent....26 letters the first two months he was gone...June and July..., only 4 in August...and only 19 letters the following 16 months....they ceased in April year after he left and 8 months before he returned....I never did receive a "dear John" best as I can remember he just stopped writing.  I heard through his sister that he had met someone over there that he was involved with, and I was dating and "involved with" someone else also...I'm sure he knew about I was quite surprised when he returned and everything between us was just as it had been when he left.

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