Wednesday, August 18, 2010

looking inside

My passion is ...
 my family
I know too much about ...
My grandmother always told me...
 do your best
My childhood ambition ..
 to have someone to love me
 and have a home and family
My favorite memory is..
 the first time I saw Bob
My worst memory is...
 watching him die
Why I write ...
 it's freeing
What I am reading/watching/listening to ...
 the humming of the little fan on my desk
My first job was ..
My best moment ...
 becoming a mother...five times

1 comment:

  1. Hey mom. I am glad it helps you to write. It is certainly helpful in many ways. It just makes me miss not only him but you, and Barbara, and Herk, and Eddie, and Nicki and ..... I still want to get that program that you put on your computer so you can see me. Don't you have that on yours or is it on Barbara's. We could make an effort each night to check it at a specific time. Let me know. Love you. Laura


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