Sunday, August 8, 2010

full house

We've had lots of good company for a while.
Bobby here for a month...then Brian the last two weeks. Nicki since Wednesday...Laura, with two of her girls and her three grandchildren arrived Saturday...
UNFORTUNATELY,,,B & B, Laura and her family are leaving tonight!... and Nicki will be going back to Chicago Wednesday...this place is really going to be quiet, empty and lonely. B & B will be flying back to Dallas but Laura and her "crew" will be driving the 12 hours...part way tonight and the balance tomorrow...don't envy them that drive...Bob and I made it many times coming over here from Dallas.

I didn't get many good pictures while they were here...My camera was on a wrong setting and most of the ones I took were not in focus...I'm sure there will be many good ones on Barbs camera...will post some of them later..
Yesterday all of us (13)  enjoyed the pool at Laura Leigh's house

I got some new Jack and Jill...tiger barbs...really too small to see right now...waiting for the new aquarium's water to make it through the neutralizing period  so I can add more fish...


  1. Summer fun, happiness, and I can say for certain all those children will carry those happy memories for a lifetime. Love your new 'little watery friends, too.' What a close-nit family you have, it is as it should be, but not always is. The family that plays together, stays together.

  2. You amaze me, my dear friend. Yes, enjoy those little ones as they grow up so fast. I miss having some little ones. Be glad when Laura & her Bo get hitched and start having some babies, before I am gone. Enjoy your fishes and your birdies. I know they bring you pleasure. I'm baby sitting Andy's old dog for 3 wks. I will miss her when she is gone. I just as so afraid she will die on me as she is very frail with arthritus and can hardly get up and down. I have pictures on facebook. Love you my dear friend. Jo Ann


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