Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday June 13, 1951 Camp Kilmer, N.J.

letter # 3
"Charlene dearest,
   This will have to be short, sweet and to the point as we are shipping out tomorrow for certain and you can imagine all the excitement that takes place the night before.  We have to pack our duffel bags, (the one I wanted to put you in), shine our shoes and also our brass before noon tomorrow.  For some reason I'm not as excited about this trip as most of the guys, and I think I know the reason for this lack of excitement.
   Hump told me about calling you today.  We were worried as we thought something could have happened to either you or Molly."

Molly and Alex...a.k.a.Hump

"I would like to go on and on with this letter, telling you how much I care, how I long for the excitement that goes with just being near you, but I could write an epic on this subject.  If this sounds corny forget it, but honestly it expresses my feeling for you.
  'Went dancing last night over at the service club, but it turned out very dull for me.  The floor was so crowded and the band so loud I was miserable all the time I was there.  Actually the only thing wrong with the dance was that you weren't there.
   Received a letter from you this afternoon and let me tell you how lucky I consider myself.  If I were twice as wonderful as you say you think I am I still wouldn't be good enough for you.  To me you're the best this world has to offer.  Just remember one thing.  If at any time you feel that you care for someone more than me please tell me so that I won't make a fool of myself telling you how much I love you.
   I would call you tonight but I feel lifeless after I hang up.  This is really mushy but again I say, it only expresses vaguely my feeling for you.
   I'm wondering if either of us will change much in the next year and a half.  Here's hoping everything turns out okay and I'm going to do everything in my power to make it so.
   Keep on writing to me sweetheart and send them to the same address as they will follow me wherever I go.
   Let me try once again to tell you of my love .  I keep remembering all the time we spent together and believe me darling if I wanted to I couldn't forget you.  Not even for a moment.  Just remember that wherever in this world I may be in body, in spirit I'll be at 520 W. Liberty, Covington, Tenn. with Miss Charlene Stallings."

520 W. Liberty - Covington, Tn .

  " Goodnight, pleasant dreams and sleep tight, Kitten.
  Much Love,
Bob" would be over two weeks before I heard from him again..

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