Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 4, 1951 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

Letter #1

"Hi  Honey,
  Just a note to remind you of my love and how much I miss you.  I could write an epic on my devotion to you but it would  be mushy and you probably wouldn't appreciate the sentiment so I'll just tell you about the trip."
  "We arrived in Evansville, Ind. about 3 am Thursday morning. We had 5 hours to look the town over before the train left for Terre Haute.  We traversed Terre Haute for 2 hours then moved on to Columbus, Ohio. After we boarded the troop train we didn't get off until we arrived at Kilmer.  In the process of our journey we passed through Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Penn and New Jersey...then went intoNew York on pass. Let's discuss New York City for a minute.  There is a town for discussion!  It has a whole heap of everything a body could want or desire.
  We went to the Paramount Theatre on broadway and saw Ray McKinley, his band and vocalist, Peggy Lee.  She's a dream, especially when she sings something like "I Apologize" or "Too Young." I thought of you all the time she performed.  I'm not homesick at all but I wish I were with you.
  There isn't much I  can tell you except I love you honey.  That constitutes this letter, sweetheart, so I'll cease for tonight.
Sweet dreams,
write as often as you can"

I had been anxiously waiting to hear from him ...this man whom I had known for only eleven days but with whom I was madly in love ...and with whom I would spend the rest of my life....it would be 19 long months before I saw him again...would he still feel this way when he returned? Would I even ever see him again? I was as heartaick as a 16 year old could be...it was tough...but the heartbreak that I feel now is so much tougher....will I ever see him again? Will he feel the same about me??  Is it possible that the love we shared,...the "oneness" we had is gone forever?.......is it really true that  all we have loved deeply becomes a part of us? I try to find him through the pain
 but he is not there

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