Friday, June 18, 2010

..I'm leaving on a jet plane...

....we'll be airborn to Dallas tomorrow....leave 7:30 am from Birmingham...that's about an hour and half from that means we're going to be rising very, very early...what was Barbara thinking!!!! I know what she was thinking...she just wanted to have as much time there as possible as we will be returning on Monday....We just wanted to spend Fathers Day at our church at his church....and see some of our friends that we have not see since before he started his treatments last June. We've been gone so long I bet someone else is even sitting in our spot ...third row from the front, piano side... :)...
And thats not all...our "care group" meets every third Saturday night of the month...and tomorrow is the third Saturday !!!! That will be so nice seeing everybody and also having my girls with us.....
and it goes without saying that I'm excited about seeing my boys also!

Barb purchases a new "coffee table" this week....leave it to her to find something that looks like this!!!...I told her if she wanted something that did not resemble a coffee table she certainly succeeded!

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  1. Well, you really surprised me today! So good to see you and all the family. Just wasn't long enough, but I know you had miles to cover and not much tme to do it in. Jo Ann


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