Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walk With Me

If you have learned to walk
A little more sure-footedly than I,
Be patient with my stumbling then
And know that only as I do my best and try
May I attain the goal
For which we both are striving.

If,  through experience, your soul
Has gained heights which I
As yet in dim-lit vision see,
Hold out your hand and point the way,
Lest from its straightness I should stray,
And walk a mile with me.

 The author is unknown.

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  1. Charlene, I think of you daily and keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so happy you are with your family who love you so much, and you are very much loved and needed there. Be good to yourself, eat well, take long naps, and kiss babies, hug children, be hugged, that is all you need to do.


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