Monday, June 14, 2010


This computer is trying my patience!
My trusty 'ol camera ..Kodak EasyShare"...refused to download pictures...'thought it might be the software so uninstalled and re-installed I've had it since 2002 I just assumed it had finally played out.......'was my first digital camera and I have really enjoyed all the benefits that digital cameras offer...after being without a means to share pictures I caved in  and purchased a new one...Nikon Coolpik L110...
Over the weekend I've had two opportunities to do some picture-taking.  On Saturday I was out most of the day on an "daytrip" with three other women...friends of Barbara's and now, friends of mine. We drove around the nearby countryside...mostly in Tennessee...The Cumberland Plateau is the southern part of the Appalachian Plateau and offers some lovely scenery...especially in Sewanee Tn....the Sewanee College has a beautiful some great pictures.
Last night Barbara had a party for her best friend, Lorie...who celerated her birthday last week..There were around 25 people in was a "cook-out"...she had a large pool inflated for the kids, a hugh slip-and-slide, strung lights through the trees, purchased a new unbrella for her outside table and some new, colorful yard chairs..took the kids for rides on the golf-cart...all in all many opportunities for pictures...I didn't take any because I had previously tried to download the pictures from Saturday....and no luck...wouldn't the problem must be in my computer, not the cameras...
I've only had this computer for two did crash last month...took it in for repairs to a local repair shop and had the hard drive re-installed....o.k. for a few days but now having some of the same problems as before...Oh well....what to do next?

Gonna drive into Huntsville with Barb in a while...she has to go to the courthouse to prosecute  some bad checks she has received and I'm going to apply for my Al. drivers license.

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