Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catching up

this little red-head is my latest great-grandchild!!

Memorial Weekend:
Eddie and the boys drove over ( twelve hours, each way )..arrived Friday evening and returned Monday AM. It rained most of the weekend but, on Saturda,y, the boys were able to enjoy a swim and cook-out at Laura Leigh and Jason's..Also, took the  traditional visit to Krispy Kream's...

my youngest grandchild, Bobby and one of my greats..Thomas
again...a grandson and great-grandson....Brian and David

Last month Barb and some of her friends gave me a 'house warming" shower...I received some nice things for my yard...Tomorrow I'll try to post some pictures of them on Peete's Landing .

some of us "girls" 

and they even brought food!

On May 22nd. Barb and I went to Nashville to see one of my favorites...the ever great, one and only....James Taylor and Carol King... What a wonderful show they put on...they entertained us for almost 3 hrs....We spent the night and before returning home on Sunday went to the Nashville Flea Market. I found a few new things for the house and yard.

Here are James and Carol...then and now..

On Barb's day off she takes care of her four grandchildren...ages 6, 4, 4, and 5 mo'a...There are presently four little children living across the street from her now..soooo...this is what her "day-off" usually looks like...

I let them take turns riding on the golf cart...

and looking ahead for the remainder of this month...

next week...I believe on the 14th, 15th and 16th., my brother Nick, his wife Anna and granddaughter Katy will be here for a few days...'really looking forward to their visit.
the following weekend, 19th and 20th. Barb and I are going to fly to Dallas to be there on Fathers Day...
the weekend after that , 26th. and 27th. we are going to spend some time in Scottsboro at a cabin on the lake with Lori and her mother, Sue...JuJu and her mother Ruth,.. Laura and Nicki will be joining us for a mother/daughter weekend.

In July Barb is going to Atlanta for the Gifts and Home Furnishings Market...I haven't yet decided if I will go..

The middle of July Bobby and Brian will be here for a few weeks..

Sometime this summer, probably the later part of this month, I will be having surgery on my hands for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Stay tuned...

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