Thursday, October 22, 2009

"with a banjo on my knee"

Yes Indeed!!! 'goin' to Alabama...
Not for a measly 3 or 4 day visit...but to take up residence!
Bob's long time wish for "a little cabin in the woods" is coming true. Plans are underway to start construction...

It will look something like this...with the porch extended to cover the entire front of the house...(appx. 28 ft.)

It will not be logs (too expensive) and it will now have a metal roof....but it will have wonderfully vaulted ceilings and a wall full of windows that stretch from floor to celing..It's small (just over 900 sq.ft.) but adequate: our present apartment is just over 700 we're movin' up!

This is the house it will be behind.

This is where it will be built.... in the wooded area in the backgroung...
some trees will have to come down

Here are some of our "views"

There are also, occasionally, deer and water mocasins :)

Here is the family we will be spending our time with.

We hope to move between Christmas and New Years...The cabin will not be finished by then so we will stay in "the big house" 'til it is ready.
There is much to do here also...first and foremost, Bob has to get well enough to travel.
"Praise God from whom all blessings flow"

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  1. Laura was so excited she called and shared the news with me today that her Papa Pete was cancer free. I have been praying and I know so many others have, God is so good!!! I will continue to pray that he gets stronger and stronger every day!!



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