Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Phone Call.............

He had just steped out of the shower... sitting on his bathroom chair ...I was drying him off....he was cold...the phone rang...I threw a towel around his sholders ...running from the room I said "it may be the doctor" was.
"good news...looks like we got it all...he's cancer free"
it;looks like
"The original site is clean"..

he continued.."there's one lymph node in the neck we want to check further...probably just scar tissue...we'll do a CT Scan next week and if it lights up we'll just remove it." ....(if it lights up?)

Now this part is even more strange...I returned to the bathroom and relayed the message to Bobby...all he did was put his arms around me to comfort me as I shed tears (of course) into his neck.
He said nothing.
"Aren't you relieved?"...
a mild "I guess so."...
"you guess so?"
"hadn't you considered the possibility of the treatment not being successful?"
"not's hard for me to get excited about anything .. there's so much wrong with me."

Not to be a downer ... or diminish the joy we all feel now...but
I was so sad for him. He's right...there is still much healing to be done...much ground to cover in the months ahead...and he is still suffering (silently)..
God will see us through this as he has done the last four months. I anxiously await the day when he smiles again.


  1. I held my breath as I read this, my eyes watered when I read your responses to the phone call. My heart grieved the numbness that comes when weakened by illness to the point of exhaustion. And no one quite knows that fragile point if they've never experienced it in the way you and Bob have. We just feel deeply in our hearts and spirits, and send our prayers above and loving thoughts your way, to two who are so filled with love and grace, and faith, and teach us all what love really means, exemplified here on earth.

  2. What a beautiful comment! Blessings


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