Friday, October 16, 2009

Another restless night





The numbers on the clock are blurry
I can’t quite make out the time
Not that it matters how late it is
I’ll wait for the sky to shine

There’s a beat pounding in my head
And though I don’t know the cause
I can hum along with it endlessly
It doesn’t skip, stutter or pause

My mind’s feeling fuzzy, yet hyper
I hope it will eventually shut down
Because the darkness seems to be creeping in
And the silence has turned into sound

The beat in my head has moved to my body
I listen to it synchronize with the clock
I’m excited, jittery, but too groggy to move
So I hum along, “Tick-tock.”

My eyes burn from exhaustion
But my mind is starting to clear
I close my lids to try again
But the sunrise is drawing near

Suddenly my alarm starts to blare
And I jump out of my skin with fright
I turn it off and prepare for day
I welcome, yet hate the light

Another night I’ve completely wasted
The bags under my eyes are deep
Time to get up and to continue life
Oh how I only wish I could sleep!

by Cori

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