Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Total Patient Care

TPC is the home health company that we use. In order to tell you about them I will post part of their "Statement of Values" mission statement.

"We are called to be a reflection of God's unconditional love to those we serve, with special concern for the sick and elderly. This mission inspires us to provide quality, compassionate care to our patients, supplementing and supporting the efforts of their families and caregivers. We believe that the highest standards of care should be delivered with dignity and respect for those in physical need.....the way we work is a reflection of who we are, and any good that we do is ultimately a reflection of the God we serve."

I'm thankful that our case worker at Kindred recommended TPC to us....and I pass on that recommendation to anyone in need of home health care.

This is Desirei Knight, our PT, assisting Bob in strengthening his lower body.

This is Lori Snook, SLP...she will be assisting Bob in learning to swallow again, as well as speech therapy.

Rachel is also an RN who visits weekly but as yet I have no picture of her.
May God bless them all.


  1. It is comforting to know that good christian people are taking care of yu and daddy. Hope today is a good day for you both. I love you and miss you . Cannot wait til you are here. Blessings

  2. "...and any good that we do is ultimately a reflection of the God we serve." Such beautiful words.

    Blessings upon those good souls who come into your home, bring warmth and goodness, and make life a little bit sweeter.

    Keeping you all in my hear and in my prayers.

  3. Small drops of water is AWESOME!!! I am overwhelmed with gladness. Thank you Jesus. Will call you tomorrow. Blessings


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