Monday, November 29, 2010

''To aII the ships at sea and aII the ports of caII.To my famiIy and to aII friends and strangers. ''

my message for him...

this is not goodby...l  will never say goodby ...

"Thanks for the times that you've given me
   the memories are all in my mind.
And now that we've come to the end of our rainbow
  there's something that I must say,

You shared my dreams, my joys, my pain
   you made my life worth living.
And if I had my life to  live over again
  I'd spend each and every moment with you.

When we were together
    the moments I treasure with every beat of my heart.
To touch you, to hold you, to feel you, to know you"

     only death could keep us apart
from "Three Times A Lady" written by Lionel Richie

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  1. What a view outside your door! Delight yourself in it's beauty!


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