Monday, November 8, 2010

"say what?"

Idle thoughts at 3am...

Do we not all have  memories of special words or, beter yet, translations of words that our children have amused us with when they were very young?  What came out of the mouth was different than what entered the ear..  Here are three of the Peete family's...that we oft times still use today.

"high heels" became "hill-highs"
"coat hangers" became "hanger-coats"
and my favorite:
"bon fire" became "box-a-fire"

In  2001, while on a visit here is see Barb and David,  we had a bon-fire ...what we burned were boxes... Bobby (grandson) who was 4 years old at the time couldn't get the idea of "bon-fire" in his head...we were burning boxes so therefore it was a "box-a-fire"...don't know where the -a- came from...

What were some of your family's?

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  1. i made up most of our families:
    "straw-babies" for strawberries
    "raz-goo" for a raspberry dessert mom made
    "deedle" for my sister diane
    and quoting from the tv: "prehensel has the strength of galibar". it was supposed to be Prudential has the strength of Gibraltar.
    The family thought it was cute and it all stuck.


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