Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ever Present Memories

Shadow of a memory

He comes to you when you want him
A whisper, a touch, a cold breeze...
He is not light nor dark, life nor death
A shadow of time, a memory..

His romance is unlike any other
A dream of a love, a fantasy...
His kiss is sweet, tender, soft, ever lasting
Lips not of flesh or bone, but of taste...

His eyes are future tellers, distance yet to come
Brightness behind darkness, Eternity...
You long for him, want his presence
the shadow of a memory...

You ask for him to come, to be close
You stand close to kiss him, lips of wine
You want his romance, that of fantasy
you hear his whisper, a sound of nothing
the shadow of a memeory...

He is not that of a man nor beast
but that of a shadow of a memory...

Joey Beighley

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