Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday...the Lords Day

As soon as Bob is feeling better and I'm more comfortable leaving him with someone else I'll go back to church with Barb occasionally...I miss worship.

Yesterday it was sunny and not so cold and Bob felt like going out for a ride.  Barb drove us around out in the country for about an hour..he enjoyes seeing the rolling countryside, the country homes, the farms...etc. Friday we went for a ride in town..(Huntsville)..through the historical district...lovely old homes, well maintained and the spring when the azaleya and dogwood are bloosing it is beautiful. I recall once when I was here, with Laura, we took a buggy ride through the district...if I was on my computer I could show some of the pictures I took then. Our "stuff" should be arriving tomorrow but 'probably won't hook up my computer until we get into our cottage...looking forward to seeing Laura, Laura Beth, Eddie, Bobby and Bryan for a few days. Hopefully this summer when the boys are on summer break they can come stay for a week or two.

This afternoon Barb is giving me a haircut and perm...and her dad a nice to have a many talented daughter who is a hair stylest :)

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  1. How wonderful! I lived in Huntsville a year when I was in the second grade. My father was in Viet Nam. I loved our home there, school, remember it well even at such a young age. I think it is so wonderful that Barb is so talented, an artist on making people look wonderful. She lifts spirits. I would go to her if we lived closer. Her salon and the staff look awesome. Best wishes for continued good things.


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