Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peete's Landing

It was a long day...by the time we arrived even I needed a wheelchair :) AA allowed Barb and her family come back to the gate...even allowed Barb to come on the plane and assist us. They did the same thing in Dallas.

Barbara worked on wrapping presents that evening..while Bob slept and I just sat back and watched.

The carpenters worked on Monday

By the time they finished on Monday they had most of the framing

Boys will be boys...

...today (Tuesday) they got the truses up...

Bob enjoyed watching from the back porch and the kitchen.


  1. Great post, great pictures, great present. Parents, thank you Jesus. Blessings

  2. What a sweet picture! What a blessing Barbara and her family are! It snowed here today. Merry Christmas in fifteen minutes. Laura


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