Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

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Dec 15th 2009 By Jeanne Sager

The miracle of a perfect landing for US Airways Flight 1549 by hero pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger wasn't the only "Miracle on the Hudson" this year.

A month after the plane met geese mid-air and was forced into an emergency landing in the middle of the river bordering New York City, passengers Ben Bostic and Laura Zych met, thanks to 60 Minutes. The TV news magazine staged a reunion of the crew and the people saved when the flight to Charlotte, N.C., dropped down into the water.

"I saw Laura on [the day of the flight] in the airport. I'm single, so I just noticed her," Bostic told Lemondrop. "She was attractive. She stood out. I boarded my plane, sat in 20A, took out a book, noticed her coming down the aisle. Thought I might be lucky and have her as a 'seat mate.' As you would expect, she sat in 17D, instead. Any other flight that would have been the end of it."

Then came the emergency landing, and photos of Zych were everywhere -- especially on Facebook where the survivors quickly connected. Bostic kept an eye on her via the Internet, and six months after the crash, they met again, this time "for real" at a survivors get together.

"We've been dating ever since, and it's been amazing," Bostic says. "We've lived, laughed, danced and loved like two people who know tomorrow isn't guaranteed."

The holiday time is special for the newly minted couple, but Bostic says they got their gift back in January. "We treat every day as a gift," he says. "Being around those you love during special times is obviously important . . . family/friends/holidays . . . but we don't even take Monday mornings for granted."

And they're not the "second miracle," Bostic says, they're each just one of 155.

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