Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I caved...

I looked out our patio door ..across the pool ..and saw into an apartment with a  beautiful christmas tree, glistening with white lights...I couldn't stand it!!! I had to open one small box of my christmas decorations and put some things out...so now ...amid the mess and clutter of moving ...no window treatments, no pictures, no home decor of any kind  my "bar" is aglow with "some of my favorite things"

The wax, scented carolers were a gift to  us way back in the 70's...they've shriveled down somewhat over the years but still retain the lovely pine scent that they started out with. The Starbucks Christmas mug was a gift from Laura just last weekend.

The wooden, three piece christmas tree was a gift from my brother Ed...also many years ago. He can make all kinds of wood art...from bird houses to kitchen cabinets and more.

I manaaged to clear off the counter and dared those three guys working here to just try and and clutter it up with their keys, glasses, wallets, phones, coffee cups....

My sweet, goofey brother, Nick, kept on working long after the other two left  :) He drove up from Houston to help me out for a couple of days...and say goodby  :(

Yesterday afternoon Bob felt well enough to go outside and he even walked around the pool and greenbelt area !! He's really been feeling punk for the last few days...has spent most of those days either in bed or sleeping on the couch.

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  1. Dad looks like he has gained a little weight back. Love the bar. I hope Uncle Nicki will come see us. 5 days!!! blessings


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