Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seems like Monday

But it's not...it's Tuesday...Monday came and went quickly, sadly, as we made our way up into central Oklahoma to say goodby to our friend who left this world last week. Bob was most likely the only man at the funeral who was not a former coach or football player. Bill was a coach all of his life and had many friends in that profession.
We enjoyed seeing his two sons for the first time in a long time. Walt, who is an attorney in Big Springs, Tx. was born near the same time our second child, Laura was...while we were neighbors in Mena Ar. back in 1955...we've only seen him once as an adult. Walt exhibits the same gentle, kind, softspoken manner that Bill had. Bret, the younger son is now 50 years old!!!!,a handsome man and lives there near his mother. I'm so glad that he's near her. They both favor their father, but Walt more so than Bret.
Beth is not well...really needs to get all this past few years behind her...if there is such a thing possible. Bill has been sick for eight or nine years and I pray that she finds some peace, rest and perhaps even some good times ahead. We love you, Beth.

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