Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Monday

Been sitting here with my friend (the computer) since 2 am listening to the rain...haven't heard raindrops and thunder in an awfully long time. Don't understand why I have to spend 3/4 hours during the night awake instead of sleeping. 'Been surfing from one blogspot to another trying to find one in a language that I can read...so many are in languages other than English.....interesting tho.

Yesterday was a hard day...but by my own making. I still,sometimes, spend days acting like someone other than a 73 year old...foolish..
The boys were out of school so I spent Sunday night at their house. Bob called around 9am and reminded me that Monday was my day for a B12 injection...I had forgotten. He arrived around 10am and off we went to see the Doc's nurse...that didn't take long. I dropped Bob off at the apt. so I had the car...that was a mistake.

We were hungry so Bobby, Brian and I had lunch at Madeline's...a real treat for me as I've not eaten out for a couple of weeks, due to my cough. It was cool and so they had a fire going in the fireplace and Brian got us a table beside it. I had their delicious Cinnamon French Toast with fruit and boysenberry syrup, Brian ordered the French Dip and Bobby their pizza. I got each of them one of the mini deserts..Bobby had a cookie that came with the kids pizza so Brian ate the cheesecake with fruit and the vanilla pudding with fruit,

Next Bobby got a haircut at Coolcuts for Kids...He likes that place 'cause he can play video games in the process...and it was close by.

Our next stop was just three doors down...Lane Bryants...The boys were pretty good during the hour (at least) that I spent trying on things...they had their ipods...I walked out with $240. of clothing in one medium size plastic bag...2 bras, 2 pj's, 3 shells, and two pair of jeans...incredible the cost of things.

Target was just across the way so off we went. The boys looked around for at least another hour. I availed myself of one of those electric scooters...I knew we would be there a while and I was pretty tired by this time. I purchased some groceries and browsed around and then waited at the Pizza Hut station (our designated meeting place)...they showed up in about 15 min. I had warned them going in that they could only purchase something from the Dollar Spot and they, surprisingly, obliged me.

It was 3:30 by the time we got home. I had started cleaning their rooms before we left so finished up there...I made Mexican Stack Up but when Eddie arrived home around 6 I was too tired to eat and just took off for home...taking Bob some supper with me.

So much for my "hard" day...all in all it was enjoyable.

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