Saturday, January 1, 2011

April 10, 1952

Following is the last letter I received from Bob while he was in Korea in 1951-52. It is # 45..the first one was dated June 5, 1951...'don't know if there were more and I lost them or if we just stopped writing.  He came home 7 months after this early January, 1953....we were married 3 months later.

"Hi Hillbilly,
   Have you thrown your shoes away for the summer yet? I put mine in storage the last of May but had to unpack them the first day of April because it snowed.
   What do you know...I finagled a three day pass two weeks ago and did I have a great time."

(It always bugged me when he would talk about having a good time!  How could he possibly have a good time without me?)

   "Sgt. Rivera and I traveled to Bremerhaven in his auto, a distance of approximately 700 miles. We passed through a number of large cities; Frankfort, Kassel, Hanover, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Wurzburg..not to mention the small ones. We ran out of gas in the British zone and pulled a midnight requisition on an English Petroleum Detachment.  This was done with the aid of a Canadian officer.  In writing, it doesn't sound humorous, but you should have been there.  I've never felt so devilish in all my life. We drove down and rode the train back.  We must have slept in every railroad station in the American and British Zone of Germany.
   So you like the '52 Ford Victoria?

Have you seen the new Buick Special? I haven't but rumors have it that they are beautiful.

To be truthful all the new model autos are out of this world. I'll probably have to compromise and get a fast horse and buggy. I'd be perfectly content with walking if you'd walk with me.  How does that old song go?  "My old jalopy's a Cadillac when you go riding with me."  Considering all the angles though, I'd better buy an auto, just think of the shoe leather I'd wear out, walking from home to 520 W. Liberty and back."

(this is the first auto we purchased after we were married: a 1951 Dodge:)

This is the first NEW auto we purchased..I think that it was a Ford Fairlane...a  classy car driven by a very classy guy..

back to his letter:

"I think I'd better alter this letter a bit and get to the point.  Know something, Kitten, I'm in a predicament.  I'm not sure I know exactly how to tell you, or even how to begin.  The whole affair started last year in the month of May. I fell madly, no that isn't the word..., I glided into love with the sweetest personality I've ever known.  Since then my existence has been rather bare as I only had the pleasure of being with her for eleven days.  I say "glided into love"  because that's exactly how it was.  So smooth, nice and comfortable. I get bored with myself because I can't tell you exactly how I feel toward you.  The English language doesn't include a word, or words, to express my emotions.  I could say, I love you, you're wonderful, you're beautiful, etc...and then what have I accomplished?  Nothing.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.  The very words I've tried to use effectively only blight the sincerity of my affections.  Why? Because they're only transcripts of someone else.  I hope you are following me as I'm getting ahead of myself trying to explain.  To make a long story short, when I say "I love you", you can be sure that it goes much deeper than that.
   And by the way, no one has written me about you going out every night and that's not the reason that prevented me from writing.  I'm neither so egotistical or conceited as to think you aren't dating other fellows.  I want you to enjoy yourself.  And another thing, I don't have people to spy on my girlfriend.  I wouldn't love you if I didn't trust and respect you."
     Goodnight Kitten,
     I love you, deeply, passionately, and forever

  this excerpt from his previous letter dated March 5th...
"Kitten, take some good advice. Have as much fun as possible while you're in high school. Date every available, decent male that you can because you'll miss those good times after you're out of school. Believe it or not, I didn't date anyone while I was in high school. During the last 4 years I've tried to make up for all the time I lost though,. I want you to be sure in your own mind that you're ready to settle down before I get back. I hope that I'm not taking too much for granted in talking to you this way."

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