Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 3rd. and it's snowing again

Yesterday we had a break...no appointments.

Today...Bob's physical therapist..he won't be able to participate to any great degree as he is still unable to stand...and is asleep most of the time.

Tomorrow...appt. at Hunstville Hospital, outpatient surgery, to have his IV port removed.  Dr.#1 decided to have it removed as it is causing the blood clot in his arm and he has taken him off coumadin because of his propensity to fall...does not want to chance bleeding from an injury while on blood thinner.

Thursday...appt. with a nurologist ...hope to find out what is causing his seizure-like  episodes..and what to do about them.

Friday...his speech therapist..and, maybe, whatever results from Thursdays ' appt. will involve us in.

Next week we should be able to start moving our things into our "cottage"...Thank you, Lord!...tho it's been good being here with Barbara and David...we'll only be 20 or so yards away from the "big house'...I'll miss their company but it will be so nice to have our own "things" around us once again....and it will be fun decorating our new home.

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