Friday, March 26, 2010

Alabama Doctor #4..good news/bad news

Richard Hull...Neurologist..
Even tho Bob was unable to sit, stand, or stay awake we managed to get him in to see a neurologist ...not the one who Dr. #1 referred to while he was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago.....the one who never even saw him but ordered the EEG and Scan and from those concluded that he had had a stroke...prescribing the anti-stroke med Keppra and that the "seizures" were most likely caused  by the stoke.
We now have use of a hoyer lift and a hospital bed.  We were able to get him straped into his wheetchair and out into a hanicap transport service van....He did not have to transfer from chair to car, back to chair etc..
Dr. Hull studied the scans, reports, etc...listened to everything that Barb, Laura and I had to say and concluded that ..good news...Bob had not had a stroke...but did show brain injury...resulting from the very hard hit his head took when he fell a few weeks ago. He said that one can recover from brain injury but it takes a long time....he also said that Bob was not having seizures.....(took him OFF Keppra) .he called them "spells" most likely resulting when his blood pressure bottoms out whenever he transitions. We've since attempted to take his blood pressure lying, sitting and standing to substanuate this theory but unable to do so as he cannot sit or stand. Not sure where this leaves us...
Laura asked him if he felt that Bob would recover and...bad news...he said no...too much radiation, chemo, infections, respiratory distress,  pneumonia,  age...He has suffered much and it breaks my heart to see him like this but I'm not ready to lose him.
I received this encouragement from a friend recently..
"Dear Charlene,
We feel helpless, sorry and sad. And so we pray often through our days and trust the Lord to give you the courage and grace you need as you watch your beloved go through the valley and slip away from you. We know that He will hold you close..your family too, and the loving Shepherd will have Bob's hand in His as they approach Heaven, our final home."
It helped me, for even just a moment, to reflect on Bob being in the arms of our loving Jesus..

April 2009...Better days...

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