Tuesday, March 30, 2010


by Anthony M

Spring finally makes her debut
slaying winter in an epic battle
flowers bloom as if on cue,
memories of her (him) begin to stir.

Blue skies overcome the gray
sun warms the pale skin
songbirds announce the day,
memories of her (him) still linger.

The air is filled with sounds
of so many mating rituals
love and lust easily found,
memories of her (him) bring a smile.

Alas, only a few earn the right
to fulfill their lonely heart's desire
and consummate their love tonight,
memories of her (him) still beguile.

"The Gentle Touch Salon" is closed on Mondays so Barb and Laura Leigh had the day off...Jason took a day off and they all came over and went fishing in the backyard creek/swamp...It was a beautiful, sun-shiny day.

David even managed to put-off going to work for a while...

The only fish to be snagged was caught by double L

a small bass...went back into the water...

more of God's creation


I went outside for a little while....WOW..I'm getting fat!

Barb stayed back at the house with her dad...

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