Monday, February 1, 2010

The time in between

Yesterday was a special day...I attended church for the first time since we received the news that Bob had cancer...April 2009...Our absence wasn't that we had given up on our faith...Bob just felt uneasy ...did not want to be the center of attention...a his illness worsened it became more and more difficult to try and go about "business as usual"....nothing was "usual" for us anymore. I'm sure we missed out on many blessings but some of our church friends came to visit us at home and/or the pray with us, play their guitars and sing, offer encouragement.

After being blessed by our church for so many years, the sermons, the friends, the fellowship, the sharing...the worship, the awarness of the Holy Spirit among us...I was anticipating it a bit...would it be the same? could it be?...well, not exactly...the sadness in my heart did not lessen but the gratitude I felt for Him and His love for us overwhealmed, as usual...and it was comforting to be among fellow hear familiar hymns.
Barbara's best friend, Lori and her granddaughter sang a duet..."The Time In Between" speaks of the writers gratitude for Jesus' life..the time  between birth and death...between Bethleham and the leave heaven for life here on earth..
however,this is the verse that I related to the most:

Don't take much for this crazy world

To rob me of my peace

And the enemy of my soul

Says You’re holding out on me

So I stand here lifting empty hands

For you to fill me up again


  1. Beautiful post Momma. blessings to you and daddy today.

  2. Meme-this is a beautiful post-
    The rest of that verse says
    But it’s the time in between
    That I fall down to my knees
    Waiting on what You'll bring
    And the things that I can't see
    I know my song’s incomplete
    Still I'll sing in the time in between

    I know it's not easy waiting on the Lord but He does things far better than us-so remember you are not the only one on your knees praying and waiting. Your children and many people who love you are beside you!
    Waiting on the day, Lorie


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