Friday, February 26, 2010

missing ya'll

Whenever my mind has a moment to "unfocus" on the things that are happening here (which isn't often... what with Bobs fall, black eye, bloody nose, abrasions, trip to ER, CAT scans, mini seizures, trip to Drs...dealing with his almost constant headaches),...I miss my other children.

 Eddie and the boys will be here during spring break...just a bit over two weeks away!

'not sure when Herk will be able to be back..he was hospitalized for a week with a bad staff infection..(he's diabetic) he's not sure if he can get another week off so soon.

hard to believe that Brian is 15!!!! He's been a Peete since he was 2 yr. old and I've adored him ever since I first looked into those incredibly large, brown eyes, 'took care of him and Bobby after school and summers for several years,, doctors, haircuts, VBS, stitches over his left eye, first day of school, getting off the school bus, 8th grade graduation,  band recitals, going to movies.... I miss him...

Bobby and his  fake tatoo...he's 9 yrs. old now...'was there the day he was born, lost his first tooth, broke his arm, brought home his straight A report cards,  had lunches with him at his school, helped  with his class parties, first trip to the dentist, ...I miss that sweet, little imp too.

Laura will be here Sat...for the weekend...hooray!...

Nicki will be here soon to help us move...

God is good...first to give me these five children...then to have them "turn out" so and support each other...use their time, effort and  resources to spend time stay close...He is good indeed!

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  1. I LOVE~ all of you and am lucky to be a small part of your lives!
    Praying persistently and with Faith.


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