Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Girl In Town

WHAT A WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The morning after my last post we had to go back into the hospital.  When Bob's Home Health nurse came to see him his oxygen level was 34%...his heart rate was 110..he had pneumonia and we spent  five days at Huntsville Hospital ...got back home on Friday...Friday evening our Texas kids arrived for the three day weekend...

Our eldest, Bob Jr. with his sisters, Laura and Barbara...early morning stroll outside...in our PJs

Our two sons and son-in-law, David

Little Bobby, in the middle, came with his dad ...the two great-grandsons, Thomas and Cooper are always happy when he comes and want to spend the night here with their MeMaw...

On Saturday, the 16th....our 10th great-grandchild was born..little Caramia Lousia Gentle...guess I should change the name of my blog from "Bob and Me Plus 23"...to "Bob and Me Plus 24"...

Barbara is now the proud grandmother of three boys and one little girl..

On Sunday, Barbs birthday, some friends furnished delicious  lazanya, salad and cake...we enjoyed a meal together ..sang our favorite hymns, read scripture and shared a devotional. Bob was aware part of the time and slept some of the time.Barbs best friends, Lori and JuJu have sung together for many years.


  1. The week certainly ended better thanit began. Another blessed week together...thankful for everyday. Blessings

  2. ...actually Caramia was born late Friday night the 15th. She missed my birthday by one hour and 24 minutes!! DARN.

  3. Congratulations, Great Grandma and Grandpa! What a precious baby! We have a new grandson too. He's ten days old now, and still in the NICU. He'll probably be there until his due date, 2/23. Has Bob's pneumonia gone away? We're praying for you every day. Love you guys, Julie Boron

  4. Congratulations to the family on the birth of this precious and beautiful child.

    (And I loved the photos of everyone in their jammies.)

    Continued prayer for Bob.

  5. It was so great to be in Alabama with everyone! I can't wait to plan my next trip. Thanks mom for posting the pictures. Love you. Hi to dad, Barbara and David. See you soon. Laura


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