Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Good Day...four in a row !!!!

It was pretty cold but Bob and I sat outside yesterday for 15-20 minutes...watching the carpenters work on the front porch and continue putting up the siding..

I purchased a web cam and Brian and I "skyped" for about half an hour after school...then for another half hour last night...with Eddie and Bobby...Bobby played his saxaphone for us...its great fun to be able to see one another while talking long distance like that...and except for the cost of the web cam (about 30$) its free! I'm hoping Laura will get one so we can also see one another while conversing..

The postman delivered a wonderful gift from our friends in Texas...Joe and Chris Santee (our "Care Group" leaders) made a DVD for us...He recorded our church friends saying goodby to us....our Care Group, Bobs Saturday morning mens prayer group,  his Wednesday morning "breakfast" group, ...what a blessing it was to see all of them again...and for Joe to take the time to carry his video cam to those functions....very special people. After Bob watched it his comment was "Those are the best people in the world."...amen to that.

and also...
the golf cart I purchased was delivered...can't wait to get Bob out in will provide mobility for him...around the property (3 acres)...coming and going from our house to this one...we can even ride over to Ron and Beckys (who live in the neighborhood).. :)

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  1. I am so happy that things continue to improve!! Will continue to remember ya'll in my prayers!!


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