Friday, January 1, 2010

a full house

On Monday the "crew" from Texas arrived via UHaul and auto...all safe and intact..Many thanks go out to Eddie, Laura, her son and sons-in-law, good friends SaRita and David Powell for loading up all our posessions and to my granddaughters Summer, Heather and Laura Beth for cleaning the apartment for me.
Eddie, Laura, Laura Beth, Bobby and Brian  added to the Gentle/Watson family who live here (Barb, Dave, Ben, Momas, little David, Laura Leigh, Jason, Cooper and Thomas) as well as Bob and myself...made up for a lively few days before the "Texas" family returned today...see for yourself  ..

Laura Leigh and Laura Beth...cousins

Cooper and little David

                  Barb gave her sister Laura a haircut and color...isn't she pretty!

Cooper covered Eddie up with Pillows...

Ben and Mamas...little david is going to have a sister in the next few weeks..

the fight is on...cousins on the top, siblings on the bottom...

Jason and Laura Leigh (or as we call her  "Double L"

OK...who's got he most hair left...nephew Ben or Uncle Eddie...

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  1. How wonderful to have a house full of so much joy and love! I love large families! What a wonderful way to start out the new year!


    PS: C - I received the you-know-what in the mail and shall make the delivery asap. Thank you so much.


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