Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today is going to be a good day

Bob felt well enough to take a walk !!!

His normal size of pants was 38/30's...I purchased these 36/30's and they are still about to fall off him...if you could life the back of his shirt you would almost see his butt...kinda like some of those kids today who like to wear their  pants down to their knees...not cool guys...

then when we came inside he did some work out on his peddle thing-a-ma-gig...and even managed a smile
  well, a small smile :)   I'll take whatever he can manage

Eddie is on his way over to watch the Texas/Baylor game with him and Laura is on her way here from Canton...

P.S. He had a sonogram of his arm yesterday and the blood flow is normal... no more blood clot...the Dr. took him off coumadin...also prednisone...


  1. Meme,He looks so good to me!I am attempting to send a comment yet again-I have typed several long heart felt comments to have them disappear because your comment section is diferent than most. Your hair cut looks pretty good-the videos with his therapy people was good to see. I have told you all along that I was waiting on Thansgiving this year gecause I felt Papa would be alot better and we'd have lots to be thankful for-I can't wait for Christmas now since Barbie will have ya'll here. I hope you know there has not been one day that I have not prayed for you and Papa.
    You both are amazing and an example of Christian love.
    I love you, Lorie

  2. Wonderful photos. Just wonderful. Praying strength for Bob. Charlene, I cut my hair ALL the time. Yours looks great.

  3. The movie we watched was The Holiday. I love that movie. The other ladies likes it too. Will post more pictures in the morning of your lot. It looks really good. blessings


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