Saturday, November 7, 2009

Second Childhood by Robert William Service

When I go on my morning walk,
Because I'm mild,
If I be in the mood to talk
I choose a child.

I'd rather prattle with a lass
Of tender age
Than converse in the high-brow class
With college sage.


I love the touch of silken hand
That softly clings;
In old of age I understand
Life's little things

I love the lisp of tiny tongue
And trusting eyes;
These are the joys that keep me young
As daylight dies.

For as to second childhood I
Draw gently near,
With happy heart I see the why
Children are so dear

So wish professor, go your way,
I am beguiled
To wistful loving by the gay
Laughter of a child.


  1. Words and pictures go together so well. You made me smile today. Blessings

  2. Glas you are excited about the house geting started! Loe the pics of the family. Have a great day! I Love You! Laura Leigh


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